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Path-breaking approach to Autism Therapy using a 90 days roadmap

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Key Autism 360° focus areas?

Autism 360™ is different from conventional therapy programs like ABA, etc. Almost all research done in the last couple of decades conclusively suggests that therapy is 5 to 7x more effective when conducted from home, and with the help of parents. 

Autism 360™ is home based and 100% tailored to meet your child's specific needs across the following skill profiles

  • Communication skills: to improve your child's verbal and speech delivery skills

  • Social skills: to help your child get along and interact with friends, family members and in social circles

  • Behavioural development: to manage tantrums, meltdowns and difficult behaviour at home, school or outside

  • Learning skills: to keep up with school curriculum and helping you with strategies that work for your child

  • Daily Living: self-care skills to help your child become independent and grow up as a productive member in your community

Hear it from Autism mums (and dads)

Andrew Mills, Wagga, NSW

My 5 year old Evan would start school this year. Having completed the Ignite program with Ash, I feel very confident. I can now create my own strategies to ensure that he doesn't fall behind in school and his Autism related deficits are adequately taken care of.

Dale Cameron, Sydney

As an Australian expat living in Germany, I was going through a massive challenge in developing Irwin's communication skills. One my 3 yo was nonverbal and compounding to that, there was this language barrier at as local support here is in German language. I don't know what I would be doing without Autism 360

Tricia Alice, Gold Coast

Joining Autism 360 has been one of the best investments I have made for my family. Ash and his team's guidance has been invaluable to help me understand the challenges faced by my 8 year old ASD twins. As a parent, I now see infinite potential in my kids. #feelingEmpowered 

The 3 STEP Framework of Autism 360

  • Unlimited One of One Support: No group sessions - our therapists catchup with you as often and for as long as you need to meet your child's goals

  • 360 Development: Your child may need extra attention to improve his/her speech, social skills, behaviour, learning skills or all of these. It doesn't matter - you will be paired with Therapists based on your specific goals

  • Min 15 years of Experience: our Therapists are not college grads. We require our therapists to have a min 15 years of field experience in order to work for us. Our senior Coaches on an average have more than 24 years of experience

  • All Resources provided: Yes. We provide you with everything you need; and that includes professional App accesses, printables, worksheets and more than 70 hours of online video based self learning - there is nothing else to buy

  • Taking care of you: Being an autism parent is stressful - so we have in house psychologists to offer you counselling at no extra cost

  • NDIS Funded: Based on your eligibility, get up to 100% of your program fee funded by NDIS 

Application Process for Autism 360

Application is Open only once a year.

There is a $1 Application Fee which is automatically refunded when a decision has been made on the outcome of your application. Why do we charge this Fee? This is to ensure that we are only talking to parents who are genuinely interested to learn more and not applying simply for the heck of it.


Autism 360 Leadership Team

With more than 40 full time Therapy practitioners across US, Canada and Australia, we've got your back. Each of our practitioner coaches have a minimum of 15 years of field experience working with hundreds of families on the spectrum across diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Here's what our Leadership team looks like

Program Director

Ash Bhattacharya

Ash is the director of Autism 360 program and manages its operations in US, Canada and Australia. An Autism dad himself, Ash is based out of Sydney, Australia

Principal Therapist

Stacy Badon

Stacy is a highly experienced Speech Pathologist and an Autism Parent trainer with more than 34 years of experience. Stacy has been in the trenches even since Autism Therapy kicked off in the US.

Behaviour Therapist

Hailey Chappell

Hailey is a certified Behaviour Therapist with more than 20 years of experience. She was the inventor of the 3-Level Behaviour system which is now extensively used to help kids self regulate their behaviour patterns

Special Educator

Stephanie Collins

Stephanie is our in house Special Educator with 17 years of experience across public and special school systems. She is also a certified Sign Language (ASL) specialist helping nonverbal kids. Stephanie's inspiration comes from her 2 kids - both with Autism

Mindset Psychologist

Elizabeth Ganschow

Lizzy is a powerhouse and a highly trained psychologist. Liz provides counselling to parents and helps them manage their day to day stress involved with raising kids on the Spectrum

Program Success Partner

Jassi Ung

Based in Melbourne, Jassi works with parents to ensure they get the most value out of Autism 360 Program. Jassi is also a qualified Special Educator and is usually the first point of contact for parents for any issues related to their program journey

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